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Decal Application Instructions

Decal Application Instructions

Iron-on clothing decals are very easy to apply to fabric, and achieve a polished look. For the best results follow the instructions listed here.

Before you begin, check the label of the garment that you wish to adhere a decal to. Make sure the fabric can withstand the high heat of an iron without burning or leaving a hole. 

Note: you will leave the clear film on the decal while ironing, but please be careful not to place the iron directly onto the film. It will melt the plastic and will likely damage the decal.

Lay your shirt or dress flat on an ironing board.

Preheat your iron to the highest setting (cotton) without steam.

Pull the seams taut so the fabric is centered evenly.

Lightly iron the fabric to remove any creases.

Find the center mark using the tag or center snaps as a guide. 

Position the decal on top of the fabric. The dull side of the decal should be in contact with the fabric. 
The clear film should be facing up, closest to the iron. Leave the clear film cover on while ironing.

Lay a spare piece of thin fabric over the clear film & decal. An old clean tea towel, kitchen towel, or t-shirt is fine.

Press the iron on top of the fabric/decal firmly without moving for 20-30 seconds. Ensure that the entire decal is covered by the iron. Repeat as needed for larger decals until the entire decal has been pressed.

After the fabric is cool to the touch, peel away the clear film . The decal should be firmly attached to your shirt. If any piece of the decal is not firmly adhered, place the spare fabric back over the decal and iron again.

Wait 24 hours before laundering.



Wash clothing on a cold water setting. Tumble dry on low.