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About Us

Confetti Saturday

We are all about celebrating the everyday moments in life. From decals that add festive touches to special birthday outfits, to planners that are customized to your life's activities, to custom signs to memorialize the first day of school. We want to make every day fun!

Why use a boring one-size-fits-all planner when you have a life that is different from everyone else? If you write a blog or plan parties, go to school or have multiple jobs, we have a planner that will help you to organize your life.

When the special birthday rolls around, try adding a number decal to the party outfit. It's a big deal to move the needle from 5 to 6. Celebrate it and announce it!

And on the first day of school, do you really want to forget that your little boy once dreamed of becoming a garbage man that doubles as Superman when he grows up? I guarantee that if you post that to your Facebook feed, you will be delighted and amused when the memory pops up a few years from now.

Have fun with life and make it your own!