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Where Can I Find Clothes for the Iron-On Decals?

Our iron-on decals are a really great way to personalize clothes for kids, and create special occasion wear without a great investment. The challenge can be finding the right clothing to adhere the decals to.

What Should I Look For?

Ideally, you want to find a t-shirt or dress that is a solid color or small pattern, without any pleats, pockets, or buttons in the center of the shirt. Most Confetti Saturday decals are designed to take up a significant portion of the front of the shirt, so any type of henleys or button downs will likely interfere with the way the decal adheres to the shirt fabric.

Where Can I Find Plain Tops?

My favorite shop for girls dresses is Hanna Andersson. They make a fantastic jersey fabric for shirts and dresses that is thick and strong enough to hold a decent shape, yet super soft and comfortable for kids. They also tend to make dresses that are plain jersey on top, but with fun skirts like tutus attached. 

Nordstrom carries some of my favorite brands for kids, and you can find great casual special occasion pieces to add decals to. The Tucker and Tate and Mini Boden lines are adorable with decals. Think Breton stripes with a brightly colored decal, or a twirly skirt with a crisp white tee and gold decal. Old Navy also has a lot of great options for basics, especially for boys. 

Another awesome shop for both boys and girls is called They have t-shirts, dresses, pants, pajamas, leggings, shorts, etc. all in really bright fun colors without patterns or extra embellishment. 

I Don't Want to Spend $50 on a Dress She Will Only Wear Once

Yeah, no kidding. I don't mind permanently altering an inexpensive t-shirt. And by don't mind I mean that it's one of my favorite things to do. But I really hate the feeling that I get the day after a birthday party when I am washing my daughter's laundry and I see a really cute dress that will likely never be worn again. I have an idea for you. It's called Hollywood Fashion Tape. Instead of ironing on the decal, permanently adhering it to the fabric, try covering the back of the decal in a healthy dose of fashion tape. Trim away the excess so that no one can see it. Flip it over and stick it to your child's clothes. The tape is strong enough to withstand a bounce house birthday party and no one will know that you faked it. After the party, peel the decal off the clothes and you can re-wear the clothing without the special event decal. Fashion tape is my adhesive of choice because it will not leave any sort of a sticky residue, even if you accidentally launder the clothing with it on (I can verify this from experience).

What Should I Avoid?

Any clothing that cannot be ironed is generally not a good idea. I once though that it would be brilliant to not only iron a design on to my daughter's nylon ballet tutu, but also to apply the heat directly to the tutu tulle. I burned a hole in the tutu faster that I could lift the iron off. In general, read the clothing tag, and if you can safely iron the fabric, you can apply a decal to it. Pretty much any cotton fabric will be a winner.

Get Creative

Use your imagination to fully customize your kids' clothes for their next special event. We also off custom decals if you are planning an events (think surprising your parents with an announcement of a new pregnancy, or a team motto on a running shirt for a marathon). Just send us a custom request on Etsy, or email us here and we will get the short process started.

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