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How to Order Poster Prints from Walgreens

Why Do I Need a Printer for Digital Sign Files?

Let's start at the beginning. When you place an order for First Day of School signs or Birthday signs, you have an option to purchase a digital file. This is a JPG image that is emailed to you complete with all of your customization details. It is not a physical sign, though. You will still need to take the file to a printer to complete the product.

Finding a printer is a really easy process. Your local Walgreens Photo department is a fantastic resource at a reasonable price. Follow the steps below to upload your sign online, and pick up by the end of the day.

Steps to Order From Walgreens

  1. Go to Select the Photo option from the header, then select Poster Prints.

  2. Sign in to your Walgreens Photo account.

  3. Click the Posters option in the top header, then choose Single Image Board Print.

  4. Click the blue Create Now button.

  5. If you have recently uploaded the image, you will see it available on the left. If not, click the blue Get Photos button.

  6. Click the blue Upload button then choose a destination album.

  7. A new window will open up to your documents. Navigate to your saved JPG sign image.

  8. After the file is done uploading and processing, click the blue Done button.

  9. Your uploaded image should appear on the left. Drag and drop the image to the grey area.

  10. Don't click the Review button yet!

  11. On the left, you will see a size and orientation option. Click the box next to 16x20.

  12. Now click the blue Review button. Make sure Board Print is selected on the right of the next page.

  13. Click Add to Cart.

  14. Now, look at the top, just under the header options. There is probably a coupon code hiding there that will give you a significant discount off the print. Enter the code in the Add Coupons section. Alternatively, Google the term 'Walgreens photo coupon', and search for a code. There is almost always some type of discount available.

  15. Complete checkout, and you're done.

  16. In most locations, the sign can be ready to pick up in under 3 hours, though occasionally it will take a little longer.

Why the Board Print?

The 16" x 20" poster board is my favorite because the poster is already mounted to a stiff board, so it is easy for little hands to hold, and it is easy to read in photos. You can order a standard oversized photo print, but I usually just end up mounting it to foam board anyway. This skips a step and provides a clean and polished result.

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