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How To Duplicate PDF Pages or Delete Extra PDF Pages

A common complaint that we hear from Etsy customers is they have trouble deleting PDF planner pages or printing extras of specific planner pages. This is a really easy fix.

Open and View the Full Page

First, open the file in Adobe. I am working in Adobe Reader for this tutorial so that the options will be available to everyone, but please note that you will have many more options if you work in the full version of Acrobat DC.


Resize to View the Full Page

Click the "Fit one full page to window button", which looks like a rectangular page with arrows pointing in four directions. This is optional, but it makes it much easier to view the current page.

On the left hand size of the page, there is a very narrow margin running the entire length of the page, with a small arrow. Click this arrow to expand your page options.

Click the icon on two stacked pages to view a thumbnail image of each page in the file.

I'm using the Weekly Planner as an example, because we offer it in many orientations within the same file to offer you the flexibility use the pages however you like. If you prefer to use these in a binder, you will want to keep the two pages that are designed with left and right margins for hole punches. If you are using on a clipboard or in a notepad, you will want to use the version that is center aligned.

Now here's the tricky part: You cannot add or delete pages in Adobe Reader. If you do not want to subscribe to Adobe Acrobat DC, you can create a workaround solution by noting the pages that you want, and printing only those pages multiple times. For example, if you only want the center-aligned pages, select File, then Print, then select Page 5 (the center-aligned page) and change the copies to 10, or however many you would like.

Adding and Deleting with Acrobat Pro

At the times that I am writing this, a subscription for just the Adobe Acrobat DC package is between $12 and $15 per month. This could be well worth the price if you plan to use many different planners.

If you upgrade to the Pro version of Acrobat, there are a few very cool options available. For one, you can duplicate and delete pages within a file. You can also combine multiple pages or files into one. This is awesome if you purchase one of our bundles because it means you can easily mix and match planner pages into one custom planner that you only have to print once.

For those of you with the Pro version of Acrobat, here is a brief tutorial for adding and deleting pages. For this example, I am deleting the right and left aligned pages, and duplicating the center-aligned.

Select the pages you would like to delete. Right-click and select Delete Pages.

You will likely see an error message asking if you are sure that you want to delete. Click OK.

Now, duplicate the center-aligned page with a quick keyboard shortcut. Click on the page that you want to duplicate to select it. Hold down the Command or Cntrl key and the Alt or Opt key (the keys are different if you are using a Mac or PC). While holding both keys, drag the page icon to the right. Release the image and the keys and the page will be duplicated.

IMPORTANT: Save As a new file so that you can keep the original to get the other deleted pages later. 

Print the planner and you are ready to begin organizing!

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