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How To Download and Import Digital Planners

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to install new digital planners in GoodNotes. Something that should be so easy can seem really tricky. Don’t worry. It actually can be as easy as you feel like it should be.

Download a New Digital Planner

Most Confetti Saturday digital planners are packaged as a zip file containing multiple PDFs. Follow the link provided after checkout to the location of the saved files. If you are on Etsy, click Download Purchases. If you are on our website, click the link in the order confirmation email. Save the zip files.

Unzip Planner Files

We recommend unzipping and saving files to a laptop or desktop computer before saving in your note-taking app or tablet.


If you are working on a Mac laptop or desktop computer, zip files should unzip automatically when you double click them. You usually do not need additional unzipping software. Double click and save each of the PDFs in your files.


If you are working on a Windows based laptop or desktop, you will likely need unzipping software like Winzip before proceeding. Open the zipped file, unzip to separate the documents, and save the PDFs to your documents. You will have an easier time importing the files into your app in the next step if you first save them to a file-saving website like or Dropbox.


If you work exclusively on your iPad, you may have some frustrations unzipping but there is an easy solution. There are apps available like iZip and Winzip that will unzip the files directly on your iPad. Use the app to unzip, save the PDFs to your files or a file-saving app, and proceed to the next step.

Import Planners Into the GoodNotes App

After the PDF files are extracted from the zip and saved to an accessible location, open your note-taking app.

In GoodNotes, you will see a rectangle with a dotted outline with a plus sign in the middle on the left side of the screen. Click that and select Import from the drop down menu that appears. In the next screen, navigate to where you saved the unzipped files. Select the planner file labeled as GoodNotes. [TIP: If you can’t see the entire file name to sort out the document type, you can use the search bar to search for the term GoodNotes.] Tap the file to complete the import.

Import Planners Into the Notability App

In the Notability app, you should see a rectangle with an arrow pointing down in the top right of the screen header. Click that and navigate to the location where you saved your unzipped PDF files. Select the desired file. [TIP: Use the planner marked iPad for the Notability app.] Click Create new note. Select all pages. Choose Import at the top of the box. You should now see the planner listed under All Notes.

Import Planners Into the Noteshelf App

In the Noteshelf app, click the plus sign at the top right of the screen header. Select Import Document. Navigate to the location of the saved files. Find the desired file and click it (you should see a checkmark next to it). Click Import. The planner will appear as a notebook and you are ready to open it and start planning.

Import Planners Into Other Note-taking Apps

There are many other apps available that you may personally prefer to use. We included the instructions for the main apps that are popular for planners. If you have another favorite, let us know in the comments! If you purchased the planners and are having a hard time getting them to import into your preferred app, send us an email and we will help to get you all setup and ready to plan.

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