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Halloween Planner Printables

Halloween Planner

Our new Halloween planner set has everything you can think of to organize the spookiest season. The set is easily printed at home or at a print shop.

What's Included

Party Planning

• Class Party Planner
• Favor Bag Planner
• Food and Drink Planner
• Halloween Party Details
• Halloween Party Guest List
• Single Page Halloween Party Outline
• Halloween Grocery List
• Halloween Meal Outline
• Halloween Recipe Card

Planning a blow-out party for 100 or just a class party for 10? We have you covered either way.

The classroom party sheet organizes food and volunteers, with a small section to track expenses. Note the favor bags created and the items included with costs.

For larger parties, the Party Details will lay out your theme, entertainment, and all ideas. A guest list (front and back) tracks invites and RSVPs. A menu, meal outline, food and drink planner, recipe card and grocery list organize every bit of food planning.

For smaller parties, the single page party outline tracks the big picture on one easy-to-reference sheet.


• Halloween Decor
• Haunted House Plan
• Halloween Decorating Plan
• Halloween Decorations Inventory

Keep an inventory of decoration from year to year, or use the bullet journal page to diagram decoration locations in your favorite rooms. The haunted house plan is a great place to diagram your frightful stations and the general floor plan.

Costume Planning

• Costume Idea Outline
• Costume Details
• Family Costume Details

Plan a single costume or a themed family set. Lay out all of your ideas from head to toe with our easy diagram, and keep a shopping list on the same page. Still in the brainstorming phase? Keep a running list of everything that you have thought of on the Idea Outline, then review later to make a decision.

Budgeting & Shopping

• Halloween Shopping List
• Halloween Budget
• Halloween Expenses

Lay out a budget at the beginning of the season, track expenses as they occur in the Expenses page, then compare the budget to the actual on the Budget page. A single shopping list is easy to reference and note what was already purchased.

Activities & Entertainment

• Trick or Treat Plan
• Fall Bucket List
• Halloween Bucket List
• Halloween To-Do List
• Halloween Activities
• Halloween TV Shows
• Scary Movies
• Craft Projects

Capture the essence of fall with a pre-populated bucket list of our favorite autumn activities. Make your own must-do list that is specific to your family with our blank bucket list. Keep a list of favorite activities like the pumpkin patch and fall festival, with each time and location offered. Make a note of your favorite TV shows and movies to watch. Lasso that never-ending craft project idea list that rattles around your brain and detail out the supplies needed and steps involved. This is also a fantastic sheet for bloggers.

And finally, my favorite, the trick-or-treat planner. Detail out who you are celebrating fright night with, who is designated to hand out candy, who is walking with the kids, and the date and time of your neighborhood's celebration. Do you plan a Switch Witch to swap out candy with small gifts? Do you donate extra candy the next day? Plan it all out ahead of time here.


• Halloween Countdown Checklist
• Single Page Halloween Overview
• Halloween Notes
• October Calendar, 2 page spread

We included our standard have-to-have extras here too. A few notes pages and an undated October calendar catch the little details and brainstorms not included on the above pages. For big-picture planners or those looking to decrease bulk in their agenda, the single page overview and Halloween countdown ensure that you don't miss the really important highlights.

Happy Haunting!

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