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Etsy Digital Download Help

The Basic Process

Let's start with the basic process of buying a digital download. First of all, find an amazing digital product that you can't live without, like our Confetti Saturday printable planners. On the product page, click Add to Cart or Buy Now.

Complete checkout by submitting your payment information. If you are using Paypal, you may be temporarily redirected to a Paypal page, then you will be sent back to the Etsy checkout.

After Etsy has confirmed your payment, usually just a few minutes, they will send an email to the email address that is on file on your Etsy account profile. The email will contain a link to download the files. 

Alternatively, you can go directly to a page on your Etsy profile that has links to download every file you have ever purchased from them. Remember this spot, it is incredibly helpful if your hard drive is damaged, or you accidentally delete your downloads. You can always go back here to download again later.

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On the top right of your Etsy screen, there is an icon that says "You". Click here, then select Purchases and Reviews. Your most recent purchase is at the top. As soon as the digital files are ready to download you will see a blue box on the right that says "Download Files." Click here and your files will begin to download.

Now the Tips

The Payment Processing Delay

If you do not see an email within a few minutes, check your spam folder, or verify the email address that is on your Etsy profile. Sometimes their email system is slightly delayed in sending the confirmation (although they are usually very prompt.) Go to your Purchases and Reviews Page for the most up-to-date information. If the blue box is grey and still not clickable, Etsy may be experiencing a delay or problems verifying your payment. Do not get alarmed, this happens from time to time but it is really not a big deal. Give it a few minutes and everything should be okay. Go grab a cup of coffee and come back. 

Verify That The Purchase Was An Instant Download

Some files are digital products, but sellers elect to email the files to you later instead of making them available instantly through Etsy. There could be many reasons for this. They could have given a color or size choice or a personalization option, which would require them to send the file directly to you instead of uploading one file for general use. Check the listing (You can find the listing in the Purchases and Reviews page). Read the description again to see if delivery instructions were included.

Contact The Seller

Every seller is different, but most of us are all too happy to help out a customer and offer support. Don't be afraid to reach out with a (pleasant) message to the seller. On the Purchases and Reviews page there is an option to Contact the Shop. This will start a message within Etsy's messaging system and is a reliable way to communicate quickly with shop owners.

Pro tip: Please do not blast off a hurtful and mean email right off the bat. We do not intend for things to go wrong, but we will go above and beyond to help the nice courteous people. There is a human on the other side of that email.

Though Etsy does not have requirements to the time that sellers have to respond to messages, most generally respond within 12-24 hours. If you do not receive a quick reply, check their shop page to verify if they are on vacation. Most will write this in the Announcement section at the top of the page under the header information.

Etsy's Help Article

For more information and help from Etsy, check out this help article: Downloading a Digital File

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