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Create Custom Digital Planner Stickers with Procreate

Digital Planner Stickers

If you use a digital planner regularly, you probably have face some frustrations with stickers. It can be difficult to make a sticker album to contain the digital images. (More to come on that in a later post.) It can also be difficult to find digital images to use as stickers.

If you are lucky enough to find a vendor for digital stickers that you like, they still may not have everything that you need to be organized. Maybe you need to track the shipments of your dog’s Barkboxes. That’s a pretty specific need. It can be hard to find stickers to fit those kinds of needs, so why not make your own?

If you are even a little artistic, I can help you make custom stickers that drop directly into your digital planner.

I am a Limited Artist

Let me preface all of this by stating that I love to create things but I am the first the admit that I am not a professional artist. (Except that I make money from the art that I produce and my daughter describes my job as artist.) But still, my sketching skills are not my specialty. I do not paint and I have deep admiration for people who can “jot down” a beautiful watercolor scene. I have never been taught the proper way to sketch on paper and often struggle to make anything besides rainbows and flowers when I color with my kids. That is, until I discovered how freeing it is to draw digitally. It is so much easier to draw when the undo button is handy.

If you also do not feel like a “real” artist, I encourage you to play around with a few drawing apps. Free your mind and just play around with different pens and textures.

Procreate App

I love to draw in the procreate app. You can purchase add-ons for complex art projects, or use the robust features included to make your own custom artwork. It is similar to Illustrator, but available as an app for the iPad. Here’s where things get magical…

You Can Copy Art from Procreate and Paste into GoodNotes

What?! How did I not realize this was possible? Check out this video to see how freaking easy it is to make your own stickers.

Step By Step Guide

Not one for video tutorials? No worries, follow the steps below to make your own sticker.

  1. Open the Procreate app and click the + to create new artwork.

  2. Select a pen by clicking the paintbrush icon at the top. I like the studio pen in inking.

  3. Choose a color by clicking the color circle at the top right.

  4. Draw your artwork. Whatever you like. Erase and undo and redo freely.

  5. Click the wrench at the top. Select copy. (Note: if your project has multiple layers, you need to be on the layer that contains the artwork for this to work properly.)

  6. Go to your digital planner in GoodNotes.

  7. Click anywhere on the page and hold down for a moment for the zoom and paste options to appear. Click paste.

  8. Use the arrows to resize and move to right position on the page.

  9. That’s it! How easy was that!

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