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College Student Planner Printables

College Student Planner Printables

We expanded our printable student planners this year to better match your personal planning preferences. Masculine or feminine designs, bright or black and white, weekly and monthly, …we’ve got you covered.

Sizes Now Include Happy Planner

One of the biggest changes with our 2017-18 student planners is the addition of the Happy Planner size. If you love the MAMBI planning system, you can now get our printable to fit the medium sized rings. Print them out, just as you would for a binder, then use the Happy Planner hole punch and rings to bind the pages together.

We also still offer Letter, A4, A5, and Mini Binder sizes.


The Printable Planning Pages

Our student planners are packed with tons of helpful extras to keep you organized.

Weekly Student Planner Pages

Weekly pages have a goals section to focus on one major goal each week, along with short to-do lists that you can see when you are scheduling activities. Major US holidays are noted in the weekly pages, so you can easily see when class will be canceled for things like Columbus Day.

Monthly Student Planner Pages

Our monthly printable planners are two-page spreads with enough room to mark significant events easily. Major US holidays are noted, and we left some room on the right for notes and reminders.

Class Schedules

Whether you are planning your weekly class schedule, or trying to create a work/college life balance, you can use the schedule page to see when you are tied up in class, and when you have free time to work or study.

Class Information

Even on the smallest of campuses, it can be confusing to keep track of class locations and professors. And on large campuses? Overwhelming. Use this handy page to jot down where each class is located (the building and room), the main professor, etc.

Annual At-A-Glance Calendars

We created calendars for the the next 2 years so that you can mark special days (graduation! the 2020 election!) and keep an eye on the prize.

Holidays And Celebrations

While Christmas and Hanukkah are always easy to find on calendars, lately there are other major celebrations that you may want to keep track of. Don't miss National Beer Day on Instagram, and remember to tell your roommate Happy Pi Day (shout out to all my AOPi sisters out there). From the goofy to mainstream, we have you covered.

Group Members

The same as above, but when you are assigned to a group project and everyone is meeting for the first time, this page can save time. Jot down each person's name, email, and number and get out of class early. Hint: It can also be a polite way to ask what someone's name is, when you are asking how to spell it or when you hand them the sheet and ask everyone to fill in their own info. Handy little adulting tip there.

Major Assignments

While you will have every day reading and studying to do, sometimes the biggest challenge is tracking the major assignments. You think you have plenty of time, or you think you only have to worry about one and then suddenly it's the end of October and you have three different papers to write that each account for half of a class grade. Whoops. 

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