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Christmas Planners

The 2018 Christmas Planners are Here

The 2018 Christmas Planner is bursting with amazing organization support. We did a deep dive into all of your holiday details and came up with some really great pages to add to the planner bundle. When you start to lay out all of the different ways that people need to organize their December activities, it's astounding that we ever manage to get anything else done beside holiday prep and celebrations.

Planner Pages Included

If we tried to detail the ways that every page would be beneficial to you, we would probably be here all day. And since we just established that this is a super busy time of year for everyone, I am going to keep this brief.

Parties And Celebrations

  • Christmas Party Details

  • Cookie Exchange signup

  • Party Guest Contributions

  • Potluck Signup

  • Party Guest List

  • Class Party planner

  • Favor Bags list

  • Party Food and Drink list

Money Matters

  • Holiday Budget

  • Expense list

  • Charitable Contributions list

  • Blank Budget list

Gift Giving & Shopping

  • Gift Lists

  • Stocking Stuffer list

  • Hidden Gift reminder

  • Shopping List

  • Gift Wish List

  • Online Shopping Tracker

  • Black Friday Sale plan

  • Cyber Monday Sale plan

  • Secret Santa list


  • Travel Plans

  • Packing List


  • Baking List

  • Meal Planner

  • Meal Prep Schedule

  • Grocery List

  • Recipe Card

Just For Fun

  • Christmas Activities plan

  • Craft Project plan

  • Holiday Movie list

  • Holiday TV Special list

  • Traditions plan

  • Christmas Eve plan

  • Elf on the Shelf idea list

  • Christmas Card list


  • Holiday Decorations list

  • Holiday Decor list

  • Buy or Replace Next Year list reminder

Lists, Notes, & Extras

  • Christmas Summary overview

  • Christmas Checklist

  • Blank Bucket List

  • Single Checklist

  • 2 Column Checklist

  • Notes

  • Undated December Calendar

  • Prep list

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